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Yoko Expert ofera urmatoarele servicii: Contabilitate / Salarizare / Audit / Consultanta si Analiza Financiara / Suport pentru Infiintare Firma. Site-ul companiei este: 

De asemenea, Yoko este promoterul companiei Day To Trust (Agentie de Recrutare si training din Romania ce ofera servicii complete in aceasta directie - mai jos detalil)


Day To Trust is trying to offer balance, guidance and strategy for people that are determined to evolve, improve or rebuild themselves professionally speaking.

Furthermore, companies that need personnel recruitment, IT & C services or to organize an event, have the chance to be in touch with Day 2 Trust consultants that will offer assistance right at the companies’ office.

Day To Trust offers the following services:

Career Counseling & Training: For candidates, students, volunteers, employees, entrepreneurs, business administrators and so on. You will find specific instruments (exercises, role-play, tests, open discussions & much more).

Day To Trust team delivers also trainings in the following domain HR, Sales, Team-Work, Individual Group Motivation, How to promote your business without using the internet etc.

Recruitment: HR Consultants provide recruitment from A to Z fields: Architects, workers, call center operators, IT specialists

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