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Orgami Global Solutions S.R.L.

Descrierea companiei


A potent mixt between the agility of a young player and the wisdom of a big league senior !

Why us !

Passion – when you work hard for something you like !

Real customer care, permanent concern in understand each situation and identify the most effective solution for solving any challenge, a binder that build a stable and long term partnerships.

Global vision

A natural growth of the solution portfolio and team strength to represent a promotor in any business development, a potentiator in streamlining and processes automating.

A team characterized by a unique mingling of the energy of a young player with the wisdom of the big league senior hardened in hundreds of won matches.

The common denominator that identifies and differentiates an energic, motivated and dedicated team.

Success – not a goal, not an aspirational target, a natural result of the involved passion, unique vision, relentless dynamism and professional standards acquired and reflected anytime faced challenges offered us the chance and opportunity to prove these are not simple words but solid landmarks!

In a dynamic, mature, stable market, in a permanent development, understanding the specific real needs of the customers, intended to optimize the operational processes, grow the incomes and costs control, will always represent that unique differentiator in select the partner together with entire creative energy will be focused to understand and approach coherently his own opportunity windows, relieved thus of, maybe, the most important resources consuming element, namely complementary situation management, tracking them and functional validation of the implemented systems.

Even more, when all these are complemented by a active, open, flexible approach pointed to a consolidated understanding of specific vulnerabilities, by a prompt, dynamic, unconditioned support and a personal involvement whenever the solutions in portfolio or expertise gain in hundreds of projects implemented can represent solution to solve any new challenge faced, there is created the solid basis of a long term construction.

Unique differentiators:

complexity of the solution portfolio – we are positioning as a global, complete and professional integrator of solutions for the retail and logistics market, thus any new partnership to be built on the real concrete needs and have a natural development during the time;
professionalism – clear understanding of the specific needs and a global consideration of them, proposing complete projects which functionality and effectiveness we assume and not just simple and single approaches of a constant effects
always a prompt technical support any time when the functional parameters of the implemented solutions delineates the correct technical characteristics

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