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FLASHNET rides the new wave of IoT development, building smarter cities for tomorrow.

We know the heading is interesting, but quite confusing 😊 So who are we and what do we actually do? And what is IoT?

We are a Romanian company based Brasov and we develop hardware and software for smart infrastructure control: street lighting and energy grids. In other words, we provide an Internet of Things (IoT, Google it for more information) type overlay for street lighting and energy transport infrastructure, adding modern awareness and computer-based control to existing installations. FLASHNET’s solutions are compatible with major smart city platforms (Cisco, IBM, Actility etc.) and have already been deployed in over 60 countries worldwide. Furthermore, as of July 2018, FLASHNET is part of ENGIE Group, complementing our enthusiasm with the strength and global reach of Engie’s worldwide energy infrastructure.

A few details about our solutions:

inteliLIGHT® is a street lighting remote management system with in-depth grid management capabilities that ensures real-time feedback of any change occurring along the grid, increases energy efficiency (up to 35% energy saving through dimming and smart scheduling) and optimizes maintenance activities (up to 42% reduced operational costs). Also, inteliLIGHT® is a base platform for smart city applications like EV chargers, city-wide sensing devices or safety infrastructure – all powered from the street lighting grid.

inteliGRID® is an integrated power grid management solution. From the consumers’ electricity meters to power production and distribution centers, we can integrate information flow in self-healing and self-forming communication networks and provide centralized management of all grid components while supporting strategic decision-making process through advanced business intelligence and data mining tools.



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