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Cannabis Club Romania

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About us:

Born from the desire to educate, inform and help people, Cannabis Club Romania was founded in 2015 with the hope that together with you we will be able to change Romanian law regarding the use of cannabis in medical cases.

We will fight for our rights, but we can only succeed together.

Knowledge is power

As many of us already know the benefits of medical cannabis, we have the power to help the others and inform them about this miraculous plant and the benefits we can all have. We can get and give information, share it with everybody who is interested in knowing more. That’s why we are here! Together we can change the general point of view of people and especially governments regarding cannabis. Cannabis should not be seen as drug, cannabis should be known as an important plant for our bodies and mind that can CURE many diseases. These diseases are seen in our modern medical medicine as WITHOUT NO CURE. The mouth to mouth word spreading is better than any other social media platforms or marketing strategy. We owe it to ourselves, to our sick children and parents who are in desperate need of help. Our best weapon at this moment is knowledge, make them aware that there is another way than pain, sadness, hurt and misery. There is hope and they should try it!

Good to know

Cannabis is a strong plant that can perfectly grow in the wild or controlled by human. Used since thousands of years, it proved his benefits on the way, showing the multiple properties, we could use it in our lives.  Cannabis can be used as fuel, as textile, in constructions and of course, the best way it can be used is as medicine for a large variety of heavy diseases. Being a plant, there can’t be a patent on it, nobody can put a wild plant under their name, and therefore the governments, pharmaceutical companies and third parties CANNOT have this plant as an open source for our societies. Want to know why? Find information you need on this website.

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