Bryden Wood Technology

Bryden Wood Technology


Bryden Wood is an award winning multi-disciplinary design company with an ambition to advance the built environment, through design innovation and construction methodology.

At Bryden Wood we reduce risk and increase value. For over 20 years we have been analysing complexity and looking for ways to understand and simplify it. This philosophy is why we have led the industry’s adoption of Offsite and advanced construction techniques. Looking to the future, we are finding new ways to apply this thinking to deal with complexity across all types of construction schemes and design in lower risk and increased efficiency.

Constructing and running the built environment is becoming more challenging. New requirements – for increased productivity, safety, speed to market, reduced energy use, building at scale and unique site requirements are adding complexity. So too is the ever increasing amount of data to analyse and prioritise – and there'll be more to come with the internet of things. The sector is moving forward rapidly, and traditional construction techniques are struggling to keep up.



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