Key talent in record time

With Skilld you can quickly find the best candidates, even for the most complex roles in your company.

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Discover the fastest, most efficient and most intelligent recruitment method!

Using a series of intelligent algorithms, we index the most important recruitment and social platforms (eJobs, LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram etc.) and use a diverse arsenal of recruitment tools (digital campaigns, social media posting and social recruiting) in order to quickly find your ideal candidates.

  • Expert advice included

    Based on your ideal candidate’s portrait, we will research the job market and retrieve valuable insights that can help your recruitment endeavours, such as:

    Relevant candidates’ degree of willingness to change their current positions

    Recommended salaries for your job opening

    Your employer brand’s impact on this particular type of talent

  • Relevant candidates

    We will quickly locate the best candidates for your job opening and, with the help of artificial intelligence, sort through them in order to find the specialists who are most willing to make a job change

    We will personally contact these professionals and determine their level of fitness for the position in your company.

    In the end, we will deliver a shortlist of qualified candidates, who are eager to join your team, so that you can move directly to the final interview stage.

  • A unique service

    Skilld is the first fast recruitment service in Romania that uses artificial intelligence and can offer you an impressive competitive advantage in attracting the best talent.

    With the help of Skilld, you can find the most relevant candidates for your company faster than ever and go directly to the interview stage.

    Let us search and contact these candidates, so that you may focus on choosing the colleagues that best suit your team.

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