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Senior Data Scientist

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Ringier Romania - Publishing + eJobs + Imobiliare
JD - Senior Data Scientist


Ringier Romania (publishing,, is looking for a talented and passionate Senior Data Scientist to help us gather and make sense of all the statistics and data we have, from standard Analytics to qualitative and quantitative measurements and profiling initiatives, such that we make our sites and sales better, and our customers and readers happier.

The ideal candidate

As a Senior Data Scientist on a group level, you will be in charge with: identifying where our data model is lacking and suggesting ways to gather the missing information, centralizing all the data and aligning its vectors so it becomes readable and defines predictable trends, and finding creative ways of mining it to get the most insights and useful knowledge about our business, our sites, our visitors and our strategy, so we can make informed decisions on steering the brands and company to greater success. You will touch upon brand names such as,,,, and more.

Job requirements
Must haves

5+ years in working with data, statistical and predictive models, with the goal of generating meaningful insights, through the lens of a data scientist that can identify solutions to directly or indirectly impact growth and problem solving;

A love for Business Intelligence backed up by an uncanny ability to create and present insightful reports into well established and untapped KPIs, business models and cross-source / cross-process data that would guide and help execute and measure our overall strategy towards growth, efficiency and maximizing EBITDA;

An even more spectacular ability to help visualize the aforementioned data and provide high availability access to key metrics with minimal effort, via software like Tableau or similar;

Experience in digital: generating audiences, insights and reporting related to digital marketing advertising and platform development; a good understanding of user stories, conversion funnels and best practices in the digital world.

Nice to have (we’d love to learn with or from you)

Ability to understand and define audiences and campaigns using a mix of sources such as: profiling tools such as a DMP (Oracle Bluekai, Cxense), web analytics (Google Analytics 360), insights from advertising campaigns and patterns of content consumption;

Minimal programming (R, C, C#, Java, Python, Scala or similar) and database management (SQL, PL/SQL, SQL Server, SPSS, SPAS or similar) knowledge, in order to single-handedly setup and / or tweak simple applications that help reach your overall data processing goal;

Minimal Machine Learning insights, for the ability to guide development teams in the correct direction for implementing solutions that take advantage of its strengths;

Experience in handling big data discovery, research and analysis;

Programmatic advertising or yield management.

Soft skills

Analytical: substantial problem-solving skills, ability to identify key markers and break them down into constituent parts are crucial for anyone performing this role;

Leadership: you will most likely lead our efforts in the data department, so we need someone that can drive and motivate people, help define and enforce standards, quality guidelines and KPIs across a variety of teams, projects and mediums;

Presentational: most of us have a sketchy understanding of what our data and stats mean and how it can help us drive our strategy, so the ability to synthesise and simplify advanced mathematical or statistical models, socio-economic trends and advanced metrics and measurements is crucial so we understand your view and become able to act upon it with intent;

Curious: if you’re inquisitive about how things work and why, if you challenge assumptions and want to get to the core truths and build up from there with maturity, creativity and innovation, this job is perfect for you.

About us

We are the Romanian branch of one of the largest media corporations in Europe, that has 3 main branches here:, and Publishing.

We total over 500 people, most of which reside in Bucharest, and we are the largest digital sales house in the country. The parent company was founded in 1833 in Switzerland, is a family business that reached its 5th generation, and with 7000+ worldwide employees in 14 countries and over 230 brands and properties, we enjoy truly international exposure, knowledge sharing and growth opportunities.
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