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PROJECT MANAGER: Why Great People Need Big Changes

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Let’s face it. The love is gone.

Somehow, somewhere along the way, you stopped being excited about getting to the office. You find the winter behaviour of black bears in Sierra Nevada more interesting than whatever work-related email you receive. Worse, you’re now laughing at your colleagues’ jokes only out of courtesy.

So do yourself a favour:
Stop kidding yourself tomorrow will be better. Tomorrow is too late anyway. A lot of wasted talent until then.
You need to be better now. You need a big change.

If this is how you feel, then the timing is perfect! We need a big player on the PROJECT MANAGEMENT ground.

One that is a notorious control-freak: knows all the projects into the most intimate details, what stages they’re in and where they’re heading (miles/hour), who’s involved in them and where those persons live…kidding about the last part, mostly.

But keep in mind that you will have to peacefully rule an explosive trio of copywriters, IT guys and freelancers: keep a clear schedule for the entire team and be able to guarantee upon previously agreed deadlines. You’ll be like an action hero deactivating a bomb.

Being cute as a button in the process so nobody can stay mad at you for too long would also help...kidding again, we’re all friends here... *cough*...

Throw in some good Excel knowledge, and you’re it!

But before committing to sending us your resume, there are 3 things you should know about us:

WE DON’T BELIEVE IN “SKILLED EMPLOYEES” that come at the office only to tick off a few tasks. We’re looking for people. Authentic, courageous, ready-to–go-for-what-they-want-with-all-they’ve-got PEOPLE.

WE’RE SMART WORKERS. We’re working to continuously grow. Not to “grow a successful business”, but to experience new things and get to know our potential as individuals. That’s why we’re far from workaholics and firmly believe in life after work.

WE’LL TREAT YOU RIGHT IN TERMS OF REMUNERATION, offer you a daily lunch on the house, and make sure you stay safe and healthy by having access to a private medical insurance.

Working with us means that you should be financially worry-free so you can truly focus on being the very best at what you do and never stop improving.

So, if what you’ve read above sounds good to you, hit the button below to meet us!
The Lion Publishing Team

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