Publicat 23 Iul 2019 | Expiră 22 Aug 2019

Profesor Invatamant Prescolar / Profesor Limba Engleza

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Candidatul ideal

Absolventa a Liceului Pedagogic si/sau Facultatii de Psihologie si Stiintele Educatiei;Stiintele Educatiei si/sau absolvent/studenta an terminal Facultatea de Limbi Straine

-Pasionata sa fie profesoara, capabila sa isi contruiasca o cariera in aceast domeniu

-Iubitoare de copii, dornica sa lucreze cu prescolarii, deschisa, calda si apropiata de copii, creativa, cu spirit de echipa, calma, perseverenta, harnica, implicata

-Atitudine pozitiva, capabila sa lucreze in echipa, rezistenta la stress
-Buna cunoscatoare a metodelor moderne de predare, creative, cu mult entuziasm,pozitiva
-Capacitate de a comunica cu parintii, colaborare cu echipa gradinitei.
-Dorinica sa lucreze intr-un mediu motivant;

Descrierea jobului

-Motivarea copiilor prin joc, apropiere si iubire
-Coordonarea , planificarea activitatilor activitatilor instructiv-educative si a intregului proces didactic;
-Planificarea si organizarea activitatilor extrascolare;
-Evaluarea progreselor copiilor si realizarea evaluarilor
-Comunicare cu parintii

Descrierea companiei

Pick Me Academy offers an international educational opportunity that prepares students for life, work and civic roles in a globally interconnected world. The question is of course, what exactly do we mean by the term “international education”? At Pick Me Academy international programs strive to prepare for the global economy of tomorrow by empowering them to become solid thinkers and good citizens with a global perspective. They are immersed in an academically vigorous program that enables them to work in diverse groups, communicate in more than one language and appreciate the diversity of world cultures. The focus on global education and second language proficiency promotes rigorous , open minded , intellectual engagement, nimble thinking, strong problem-solving skills, multicultural friendships, cognitive development and creativity. Pick Me Academy students are therefore well prepared for the challenges of the 21st century. They have had a strong academic program, but one that has also allowed each student to blossom according to his or her strengths. They have a solid grounding in the traditional disciplines and a deep knowledge of at least one other language. Pick Me Academy builds self-confident learners who understand the impact of global interactions and the changing world are beginning to develop true cultural competency, and have a deep commitment to understanding the world and making it a better place for all.

Profesor Invatamant Prescolar / Profesor Limba Engleza  -  Pick Me Academy British International School