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Studii medii,profil electromecanic, electric, electroenergetic, electrotehnic, scoala profesionala, scoala de ucenicie –bobinator
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Descrierea jobului

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Descrierea companiei

1. S.C.RETRASIB S.A. SIBIU is a company specialized in the manufacturing of power grid and distribution equipments for transformer stations. In 1895 was founded the HEV (Hermannstadter Electrizitat Werk- Electrical Plant Sibiu) with Swiss capital, whose main activity was the production of electrical energy. In 1924 was founded an anonymous company named The Company of Electricity Transylvania, which mainly dealt with the power grid and distribution in the south of Transylania.

The activity of repairing during the years 1956-1957, the first power transformer of 20 MVA, 110/5,5 kV, came from VEM (Germania), was practically the beginning of the rehabilitations made by S.C. Retrasib S.A. In April 1993, RETRASIB detaches from the Ministry of the Electrical Energy and becomes a commercial private company. At that moment, S.C. Retrasib S.A. had 546 employees. Starting from 1999 RETRASIB S.A. is a private company. The company’s surface is 30.000 sqm, having the acces with trailer and railway.

The major investements made by the shareholders especially starting from 2008 supported the technologically framework in production of the transformers and autotransformers with powers up to 600 MVA and voltages up to 500 kV.

2. General information: S.C. RETRASIB S.A. is a joint stock company, Romanian judicial person with social private capital. The company is a medium enterprise according to the criteria established by the Law 346/2004. The registered office of the company is in Sibiu, Stefan cel Mare street, no. 156.

3. S.C. RETRASIB S.A.’ s activating market: The market for the present activity - equipments for transformer stations, devices, accessories for electrical lines and stations, revisions, reabilitations, modernizations.

4. Products and services provided: high power transformers and autotransformers - Transformer type: ATUS, TTUS - Power: 1-600 MVA - Voltage: 6-500 kV Modernizing / Maintenance of high power transformers and autotransformers In the factory : - Power transformers and autotransformers - Special transformers - Reactance coils - Insulated bushings for transformers Power transformer commissioning on site: - Termo-vacuum oil and insulation treatment - Replacement of insulated bushings - Technical revision of on-load tap-changers

5. Our main clients are: TRANSELECTRICA, ELECTRICA, HIDROELECTRICA, ABB, EFACEC, SIEMENS, SCANDO, HOLCIM, companies from Canada (Moblesource), Bulgaria, Azerbaijan.

6. Endowments and technologies: The transformer windings are manufactured in a special hall following the “clean room” principle. The company has the following machines:

- horizontal winding machine whose variable geometry mandrel allows the fabrication of helical and disks coils, with lengths of 2500 mm and diameters between 500 and 2000 mm.The maximum coil weight allowed is of 6000 kilos;

- vertical winding machine;

- vacuum dry autoclave with a capacity of 400 cubic meters;

- lifting cranes and bridges with capacities up to 320 tones for transformers and autotransformers;

- high voltage laboratory which allows tests and trials with increased voltage and/or power of transformers and autotransformers with powers up to 600 MVA and voltages up to 500 kV;

- iron core stacking table which is designed by Trafo Proiect Bucharest so that the core can have up to 5 limbs and up to 150 tones of weight, 8 m long, 4 m height and 1000 mm in diameter.

The step lap core is made of grade oriented steel of 0,27 mm thickness.

The laminations are carlite insulated, the limbs and the yokes being stacked interleaved and consolidated with polyglass band;

The design is performed by Trafo Proiect Bucharest, using 3 D Technology;

The windings are made of coils concentrically arranged and insulated towards the core and the adjacent coils by trafoboard barriers produced by Weidmann Switzerland. In designing and production of the autotransformer state of art materials and accessories we collaborate with ABB/MR (tap changer), ABB (RIP bushings), Qualitrol (pressure relief devices and monitoring equipment), Coiltech (coolers), Weidmann (insulation material), ASTA (insulated copper), LTC Legnano (ready cut step lap core).

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