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Ingineri pentru oil terminal

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Candidatul ideal

We are looking for shift supervisors, electrrical and instrumentation engineer, maintenance superintendents

• Shift Supervisor
• Monthly salary : AED 17,000.00
• Benefits :
- Open ended employment contract
- 3 months’ probation period
- Medical Insurance for self, spouse and up to 4 dependent children
- Discretionary bonus based on individual and company performance
- 35 calendar days annual leave
- Life Assurance as per company policy

• Technical Engineer – Mechanical
• Monthly salary : AED 26,000.00
• Benefits :
- Open ended employment contract
- 3 months’ probation period
- Medical Insurance for self, spouse and up to 4 dependent children
• Child schooling allowance
- Discretionary bonus based on individual and company performance
- 35 calendar days annual leave
- Life Assurance as per company policy
• Maintenance Superintendent
• Monthly salary : AED 26,000.00
• Benefits :
- Open ended employment contract
- 3 months’ probation period
- Medical Insurance for self, spouse and up to 4 dependent children
• Child schooling allowance
- Discretionary bonus based on individual and company performance
- 35 calendar days annual leave
- Life Assurance as per company policy

Descrierea jobului

Job Title: SHIFT SUPERVISOR Business: HETL Reports to: Terminal Superintendent
1 Job Purpose
The purpose of the position is to effectively supervise and coordinate the terminal operational activities. Organize the activities and duties of the subordinates in an efficient and safe manner which is consistent with operating procedures and terminal safety standards.

2 Principal Accountabilities
• Supervise and execute fire& safety precautions, loading and discharge of tankers, the loading of bunkers, blending, loading of company and contractors trucks, asphalt loading, VRU operation, water treatment plant operation, terminal housekeeping and other operations which will arise with customer’s requirement.
• Take active part in developing work instructions and procedures.
• Operational spares, tools & Tackles inventory list to be prepared for reordering and will coordinate with Inventory controller for procurement.
• Coordination with ESTC and other local agencies (port control, Neighboring companies etc) for Vessel/operational updates and follow up for discharge and loading Documentation.
• Act as group leader, supervising and training operators operations and responsible for implementation of company procedures and WI during following operations.
1. Product Receipt/Delivery Operations:
i] Responsible for arranging the product receipts/discharge by following modes.
• Tanker
• Barge
• Pipeline transfer to JIFF (PLT)
• Pipe line transfer from Third party
• Tank truck ( bridgers, company trucks and ex-gate
• Drums/IBC’s.

ii] Responsible for the pre discharge quality & quantity checks as per the procedure.
• Responsible for implementing the EHS procedure without deviation
• Responsible for ensuring the implementation of all operational procedure and work instructions.
• Quality & quantity checks
• Responsible for developing procedures and work instruction for non- standard operations.

2. Product Storage
i] Responsible for getting the tank gauging done after receipt, transfer, blends, etc. and product receipt outturn worked out.
ii] Responsible for monitoring the daily product inventory position and the product operational losses. Also for investigating abnormal stock variations, if any.
iii] Responsible for monitoring the quality of the product in tank as per the customer's quality control program.

3. Tanker Discharge and Loading (including Ex- Jetty/ Bunker deliveries)
• Ensure the safe movement of product by supervising and guidance
• Connecting and disconnecting the loading arm; opening and closing dock line valves; collecting samples before, during and after discharge; conducting tests; visually assessing appearance; entering data onto input forms maintaining hourly logs; preparing samples for dispatch to the lab and to HETL sample room; managing tank switch-over for delivery of multiple products; draining water from tanks through fast flush system.
• Responsible for Vessel acceptance , nomination / Q88/Vetting procedure and process by keeping the log and updating the feedback forms, reports to Terminal Superintendent in case of any deviations from normal procedure.
• Ensure all assets are well maintained and managed during and after the operation. Connecting and disconnecting the loading arm; gauging by reading the flow meter; opening and closing dock line valves; collecting samples before, during and after discharge; conducting tests; visually assessing appearance; entering data onto input forms; repeating tests.
• Conducting a Safety ship shore check list for all shipping operation
• Ensuring all operators are trained for conducting the safety ship shore check list

4. Drumming/ Blending:
• Contributes to ensure blending of Unleaded Gasoline (Example ULG95, ULG98) and other various types of blending taking responsibility for accuracy and quality of end product:
• Blend: checking blend calculations, working out stop gauges, lining up component tanks, carrying out product transfer.
• Co-ordinate day to day running and supervision of the blend plant. Will cross-check batching/formulation with batch instruction cards. Will oversee blend plant safety including maintaining and updating all relevant MSDS for products stored and handled and files/records containing the blending activity. Stadis addition in Jet A1 tanks to increase the product conductivity to the spec while receiving from Vessels and EPCL with strict compliance to QCP.
• Supervise and responsible for the pigging and flushing of product pipe lines as per customer requirement. ( as and when required)
• Also will have to execute any other blends which may come up from time to time, with the management clearance and ensuring the safe operations and SOP’s in place.
• Supervise and execute in liaison with terminal operators all road tankers/ISO tankers, TOTE tanks/IBC’s loading and decanting operation, drum filling/stacking and loading of drums in the terminal.

5. Company and Contractor Truck Loading
Supervises loading of tank trucks by HETL operators as below:
• Receiving loading tickets; checking that the receiving compartment is empty, affixing colour-coded product identification tags; operating valves; checking/calibrating/sampling additive injection system.
• Conducting safety check list prior/during & post loading of trucks.
• Ensuring the EHS requirements are followed as per the guidelines of HTL.
• Responsible for Checking if all documentation are in good order as per laid down procedure.
• Responsible for the qty & Qlty of products during loading and cross checking with meter reading and inventory closing and opening records. Asphalt Loading :
• Weighing the recipient truck before and loading; preheating the issuing tank and lines; controlling the heater.
• Ensuring assets performance prior/during and after operation

6. Housekeeping
• Supervises and keeps a log of safety and cleanliness for:
• Cleaning & maintenance of operations instruments and equipment;
• Responsible for areas allocated to him as per procedure for cleaning the terminal premises;
• Responsible to ensure all terminal areas are controlled as per the EHS requirement
• Always to refer to procedures and work instruction. and apply the same to all operators

7. Maintenance
• Contributes to maintenance by effecting breakdown or preventive maintenance as and when required. Ensures specialised knowledge of all operating equipment.
• Ensure the ability of handling minor technical problems during the operation such as , high pressure / back pressure / minor leak /minor spill as per maintenance guidelines /procedure and WI.

8. Fire and Safety
• Ensure ‘Permit to Work’ system is strictly enforced during the shift with contractors/company staff for maintenance/project works and participates in Management of change procedures.
• Maintain a high level of emergency preparedness and participates in mock drills periodically. Responsible for periodical/intermediate site inspections to ensure safe execution of works.
• Promote a safety culture in all the employees directly or indirectly reporting to the incumbent.
• All near miss and incidents are reported promptly.

9. Control Room Operations and Man Management :
• Monitors and supervises all automated functions of the Terminal and the JetA-1pipeline operations and maintain detailed specialized knowledge of troubleshooting and problem correction and responsible for all operations during shift.
• Optimizing utilization of available manpower, evaluating the requirements of operating staff.
• Preparing the necessary shift schedules for all operators.
• Optimizing overtime by proper utilization of all resources and monitoring the overtime to ensure that it is justifiable.
• Supervise all subordinates in the Terminal; provide guidance/training where necessary so that all personnel perform their job efficiently as per Company Policy.
• Ensuring that all terminal personal have under gone all EHS trainings requirement and maintain all records.
• Operational spares, tools & Tackles inventory list to be prepared for reordering.
10. Stock Verification
• Contributes to Stock Control by supervising and coordinates with Inventory Controller to keep all the records up to date.
• Physical gauging of tanks, recording and
• Manually computing daily stock variation, analysing data, preparing summary report.
• Entering data in the CIMS/ORACLE after blending of products
• Reconciling stock reports to that of physical stock on field.
11. Quality Assurance and Documentation
• Reviewing operating practices, drafting procedures, conducting self –audits
• The job-holder will routinely perform other task of a physical and Supervisory nature as required by the daily activities of the Terminals.
• Closely monitor all operations and related documentation vis a vis the QAS, and close all gaps through necessary preparation and follow up till closure of incident reports, corrective and preventive action.
• Monitoring and implementing of all the related EMS programs
• Maintaining the required quality records.
• Develop and amend procedures/work instructions related to product movement operations in order to meet new and changing requirement.
• Follow all the laid down quality control procedures prior to, during, and after transfer/loading/discharge to ensure that all products meet specification.

4 Minimum Requirements
a) Technical Qualification/Diploma in Engineering/Higher Secondary Education with minimum 5 to 7 years of relevant experience in Oil & Gas industry.
b) Effective communication and supervisory skills.
c) Capability to carry out all Terminal operation as specified above
d) Knowledge and full familiarity with all operational procedure and WI related work instruction and problem solving techniques.
e) Skill in computer packages and IRS and network use, including SCADA and Terminal Automation.
f) Must be a JETA-1 certified operator as per the Quality system available.
g) Skilled in technical report writing
h) Effective problem solving during the Shift
i) Valid UAE light vehicle driving license

Job Title : Maintenance Superintendent
Reports To: Technical & Projects Manager
1 Job Purpose
Responsible for the preventive and breakdown maintenance and upkeep of all the equipments/assts owned by HETL. Management of maintenance, including the manpower, spare parts inventory, technical training and monitoring of maintenance expense. Also responsible for the technical inspections of new equipments/ spare parts.
To assist Terminal Manager / Maint & Projects Manager in routine and non-routine maintenance and project related works.
3 Principal Accountabilities
1) Reports to Technical & Projects Manager for all routine maintenance activities of Mechanical and E&I equipment including preventive maintenance/ breakdown, as well coordinate with HETL Maintenance & Projects Manager for all the project related activities.
2) Manages the Terminal maintenance program based on best practices in the Terminal Oil industry and in line with IMS and HTL guideline with an emphasis on planning/scheduling and preventive/predictive maintenance by evaluating and reviewing the maintenance schedule of HETL equipment.
3) Supervise and execute the PM as per the approved annual PM plan in line with IMS requirements.
4) Direct Supervision of HETL Maintenance team in the overall installation, maintenance and servicing of all equipment and infrastructure, necessary for the continuity of operations and the safety of Terminal personnel, by ensuring the equipment reliability and availability.
5) Follow up/supervise AMC contractor and certification/re-certification requirements of maintenance related equipments, meters, instruments and others critical equipments as necessary.
6) Responsible for implementation of maintenances producers, work instruction and check lists. To upkeep all necessary maintenance records and maintenance history of all necessary critical equipment of the Terminal. To undertake review and updation of all Maintenance Department IMS documents as and when required.
7) Monitors the use and inventories of spare parts, maintenance supplies, and equipment and initiates reordering when necessary and responsible for stock updation, spares planning, spares procurement and for both critical and non-critical equipments in coordination with Terminal Manager and purchase function.
8) To coordinate with operations for pre-commissioning and commissioning of new facilities on completion of the same.
9) To coordinate with HETL Maintenance and Projects Manager and Terminal Superintendent /operation team for execution of any project related activities in the Terminal.
10) Responsible to ensures that maintenance team are adequately trained, equipped, and motivated so that the maintenance program can be accomplished in a safe, timely, and cost-effective manner in close coordination with Terminal Manager and EHSSQ Manager.
11) Assist Terminal Manager in preparation of annual maintenance Opex and Capex budget
12) Responsible for the training of maintenance team on the Part of the Emergency Response Team involved in the periodic maintenance and upkeep of the Terminal Fire Fighting systems. To closely coordinate with EHSSQ Manager/ EHSSQ Officer for periodic GEHSQ inspection/audits/follow ups and FF System inspection on a routine basis
13) Directs routine and non routine EHS audits including risk assessments and safety reviews of maintenance related requirements.
14) Performs technical evaluation of equipment manufacturers and service providers/AMC and suppliers in coordination with GPC for all maintenance related requirements.
15) Prepares daily/ weekly and monthly maintenance reports as required, analyzes data and makes recommendations for improving Terminal operations and solving maintenance-related problems
16) Reviews the operation of Terminal equipment and systems constantly to minimize unplanned downtime, anticipate and solve problems in a timely manner by identifying opportunities for improvement
17) To be conversant with IMS system involving Quality (QMS), Environment (EMS) and Safety (OHS) and be the focal point of maintenance department. To participate in the periodic review / audit / meetings and follow of the IMS in close coordination with MR.
18) Tracks, analyzes and improves the key performance indicator of maintenance parameters such as asset utilization, maintenance cost, PM compliance, schedule compliance, etc and submits monthly reports to Terminal Manager
19) Maintains and enforces Environment, Health and Safety policies and procedures implementation within Maintenance team
4 Minimum Requirements
• Educational Qualification: Engineering Degree / Higher Diploma holder preferable in Mechanical Engineering
• Experience: Minimum of 8 years of experience in Terminals/Oil&Gas/ Chemical/ Refinery in a supervisory cadre.
• Behavioural and Functional Competencies: Good organizational, leadership qualities. Good verbal and written communication skills in English. Good computer skills and conversant in report generation

Job Title : Technical Engineer
Reports To: Technical & Projects Manager
Inspection, Quality Control/ Assurance and Pre-Commissioning/ Commissioning Works:
 Have adequate experience and exposure in Conducting Factory Acceptance Tests (FAT), Site Acceptance Test (SAT), Site Inspection of Material Received etc for projects to ensure its Quality and Compliance to Specifications.
 Shall be capable of putting in place required Inspection Test Plans (ITP’s) for Quality Assurance/ Control of works related to E&I.
 Independently capable of reviewing and approving Method Statements for execution of E&I works.
 Assist in developing and/or reviewing and approving – Pre-Commissioning / Commissioning plans for E&I works.
 Assist in Site Problem Solving and Trouble Shooting.
 Shall be capable of handling Asset Tagging requirements on completion of projects.
 Coordinate with Operations Department of Client – during defects liability period and assist in managing issues related to E&I works.
 Management of As-Built documentation on completion of works/ projects.
 Assist Project Managers/ Line Managers in preparing periodic progress reports, Close out reports, recommendations, approval memos etc.
A university graduate in Electrical or Electrical & Electronics Engineering or Electrical & Instrumentation Engineering or equivalent from a recognized university.
 Minimum of 8 - 10 years of experience in Projects related to Oil/ Petrochemical/ Refinery Environment.
 Should have knowledge of :
- Electrical Motor Sizing, Cable sizing & selection, Earthing, Diesel Generators and Transformers, lighting Lux Levels, Fire & Gas detectors, Emergency Shut Down system, Motor Type & selection, Motor Starters – types & selection, LV, MV, HV panels selection criteria, Lightning protection system, Hazardous area classification, developing SLD’s, Variable Frequency Drives etc.
- Instrumentation for flow, level, pressure, temperature, smoke detectors, heat detectors, gas detectors, Radar Tank gauging systems, MOV’s, DCS/SCADA/PLC systems, Instrumentation I/O list preparations and categorization, Cause & Effect Diagram, CCTV systems, MCC & Control Room sizing etc.
- Local Electrical Authority requirements and standards.
- Relevant International / National Standards & Codes.

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Oil terminal


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