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Copywriter: Why Great People Need Big Changes

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Candidatul ideal

Let’s face it. The love is gone.

Somehow, somewhere along the way, you stopped being excited about getting to the office. You find the winter behavior of black bears in Sierra Nevada more interesting than whatever work-related email you receive. Worse, you’re now laughing at your colleagues’ jokes only out of courtesy.

So do yourself a favor:
Stop kidding yourself tomorrow will be better. Tomorrow is too late anyway. A lot of wasted talent until then.
You need to be better now. You need a big change. You need to be free.

If this is how you feel right now, then the timing is perfect! We need a talented COPYWRITER brimming with unforgettable, explosive ideas.

One that thinks faster than a speeding bullet and can connect in one coherent sentence a retired cowboy, a red fish, and a secret space agency. And believes that can sell anything to anyone (no, we are not talking about ice-cubes to Inuits – that’s for beginners, we are pros!).

One that LOVES to write on a million different topics, with the same passion and flame no matter the subject, and is always focused, ambitious and ready to go the extra mile.

Before committing to this fantastic opportunity, there are 3 things you should know about us:

WE DON’T BELIEVE IN “SKILLED EMPLOYEES” that come at the office only to tick off a few tasks. We’re looking for people. Authentic, courageous, ready-to–go-for-what-they-want-with-all-they’ve-got PEOPLE.

WE’RE SMART WORKERS. We’re working to continuously grow. Not to “grow a successful business,” but to experience new things and get to know our potential as individuals. That’s why we’re far from workaholics and firmly believe in life after work.

WE’LL TREAT YOU RIGHT IN TERMS OF REMUNERATION, offer you a daily lunch on the house, and make sure you stay safe and healthy by having access to a private medical insurance.

Working with us means that you should be financially worry-free so you can truly focus on being the very best at what you do and never stop improving.

To be considered, please send the following (in English):

1. A one-paragraph cover letter about yourself. Please don’t make it stuffy. Think outside of the box. Grab my attention and don’t let it go until the job is yours.

2. Your resume.

3. A creative writing sample: story, fiction, poem, lyric, rant, rave, blog, whatever.

4. Bonus Points Option*.
*Included in a separate document…
Pick a common household item and try selling it to me in 200 words or less.
FREE HINT: Go wild. There are no rules for this task. Choose whatever item you want. Be original. The only aim here is to SELL ME the product. Make me believe in it. Make me open my wallet instantly. Impress me with that “spoon” or “stapler” like your life depends on it!

So, if what you’ve read above sounds good to you, do write us at
The Lion Publishing Team

Copywriter: Why Great People Need Big Changes  -  Lion Publishing Services