Assistant Manager

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Oraș de lucru
Tipul job-ului
Salariu 2500 RON
Limbă străină
Permis conducere Nespecificat

Candidatul Ideal

This job is for you if you like to organize and coordinate administration processes and office procedures.
This job is for you if you are looking for a friendly non-corporate environment where you are encouraged to be proactive and can contribute to the group.

What does that mean:
- you like to get involved and help solve problems in administration and accounting
- you have a basic understanding of accounting cycles and paperwork (invoices, taxes, salaries etc.)
- you are well organised and disciplined
- you are friendly and community oriented (towards your colleagues)
- you like to improve how files and documents are stored and processed

Descrierea jobului

As an Assistant Manager you will perform day to day activities at the office, payments, accounting documents, occasional HR related tasks, and offer support to the management team.

  • Organize office operations, enforce current procedures and extend them.
  • Ensure communication with the accounting firm and suppliers (taking phone calls, messages, email)
  • General administrative support including photocopying, printing and scanning
  • Record and archive all company documents

  • Keep in touch with the accounting firm
  • Execute various financial statements
  • Make sure we have all the invoices from the suppliers, and they are accurate and paid on time
  • Check the accuracy of the monthly salaries according to work contracts

  • Responsible for file management processes related to new hire and termination process for all personnel
  • Ensure communication with candidates and schedule interviews

Required Skills:
- English (both written and verbal)
- Great written and verbal communication skills
- Good knowledge of office administrator responsibilities, systems, and procedures
- Knowledge of MS Office tools (Word, Excel and Outlook, in particular)
- Time management skills and ability to prioritize work
- Attention to detail and problem-solving skills

The big ones:

- extra free days for loyalty +1 each year (each year your normal 21 vacation days increase by one: 22/year, 23/year,... etc.)
- 20 days of paid sabatical vacation once every 5 years. (e.g. 21 free days + 5 loyalty days + 20 sabatical days = 46 free days)
- Christmas Bonus / 13th Salary (one or the other, decided every year based on company performance)
- Raise based on inflation % in Spring (certain conditions will apply; max %, national economy performance etc.).
The sweet ones:
- Free Coffee
- Birthday gift
- Easter sweets
- St. Nicholas sweets
- Your choice: Discount for Sports or Public Transport Subscription - suspended during pandemic, but will return.
- Periodic lunches with the team (company pays for the lunch meal) - replaced by pizza in the backyard during pandemic, but will return.
- Christmas Dinner / Party (company pays for the dinner meal or party) - suspended during pandemic, but will return.
- Free garage parking (weekly rotation with other colleagues)
- Bring your own shoes to work (you can wear your favorite shoes, slippers, clean sports wear - kind off like the Gym but with more options) and store them in the office. No more need to stay for hours in uncomfortable street footwear.
More benefits to come as we grow.

Frequently Asked Questions:
Q: Do I have to work from the office?
A: Yes. (This is a job which involves physical objects: e.g. archive).

Q: Do I need to speak English?
A: Yes, you need to be able to have an acceptable English level for written conversations with people from Europe and United States.

Q: How many hours a day is the job?
A: The job is 8 hours / day, from Monday to Friday. From 9:00 - 17:00.

Q: What is the budget for this position?
A: Our buget is 2500 RON.

Q: How many employees does the company have?
A: Currently we are a team of 19.

COVID-19 Information
1. You can work from the office respecting the health and security norms.
2. You must have a proactive attitude in reporting any COVID-19 associated symptoms prior to arriving at office or as soon as you arrive.

- The recruiting process can take several weeks, after applying your CV will be added to a pool of CVs. Each CV will be placed in different lanes depending on the job-cv match strength.
- The strongest CVs will be processed first, and interviews will be held in batches. As an interview batch ends if we do not have a candidate for the offered position, the next CVs will get scheduled for interview in a new batch and so on.
- If a match if found and the role is filled the interviewing process stops, the remaining relevant CVs get archived for a limited period (max. 12 months). If a new relevant position opens and we still have your CV, we might contact you by email to see if you are interested in the new position.

While trying to reply to as many applicants as possible the volume can exceed our reply capacity.

Descrierea companiei

webwavers is a company focused on user interfaces and web technologies. We develop user interfaces for web sites through new and legacy technologies based on HTML, CSS and JavaScript programming languages.

keeping it close - we have a relaxed and welcoming environment where you get to interact and know all your colleagues. We believe in leadership relationships over classic boss/employee approaches. As we move forward we always seek new colleagues which resonate with us and find it easy to blend in and belong.

being proactive - while the lead will have to make choices depending on project constraints, we encourage proactiveness and active participation from each and everyone.

joining the team - if you would like to know more you can contact us at or visit our website

Publicat 24 sept. 2021 Expiră 24 oct. 2021
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