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#ID 185134

Customer Service Delivery Manager - AIRBUS (Toulouse, Franta)

Age 42 from Bucuresti, married

  About me

Continuous learning and updating professional knowledge making me 'the best of whatever I'll be'.


  Professional experience

Experience by departments
  • Procurement: 1 year and 4 months
  • IT Hardware : 4 years and 5 months
  • IT Software : 3 years and 10 months
  • Graphics / Web design / DTP: 6 months
  • Management: 9 years and 7 months
Nov 2014 - present
4 years and 8 months
Customer Service Delivery Manager - AIRBUS (Toulouse, Franta)
ABROAD | Management | Naval / Aeronautical
Support Function & Tools Service Manager
Oct 2009 - Oct 2014
5 years and 1 month
IT Local Operations Manager - Airbus Defence and Space
Bucharest | Management | Naval / Aeronautical
Operations Management
Main responsible for overall service quality provided by the Cassidian Information Management (IM).
Since middle of 2012, also project manager for the upgrade of client OS from XP to Win 7 for all non core countries (roughly 2000 clients, in about 45 offices worldwide)
Responsible to define, negotiate and follow-up of the yearly overall IT Service Level Agreement with IM on behalf of Cassidian Romania.
Define and negotiate and maintain the IT Plan of Cassidian Romania.
Participating in every IM Change Advisory Board.
Planning of the Cassidian Romania IT Department budget.
Managing L1 support team and also the Local Service Owners/L2 team for locally provided services.
Coordinating service requests and requirement capturing according to company guidelines and security policy.
Coordinating local sourcing of IT services (HW, SW, Communications,Services , subcontractors)
Responsible for local specificity during the design phase of any new global service, as well as implementation, delivery and disposal phase.
Maintaining the high level design of the local IT Infrastructure.
Performing audits and ad-hoc security and functional checks together with head of Security and head of IT Security.
Project Manager for all small projects affecting only Cassidian Romania IT landscape.
Risk and Opportunity Manager for IM in Cassidian Romania.
Nov 2008 - Sep 2009
11 months
Senior System Administrator - Azali Trading SRL
Bucharest | IT Hardware | -
Project Management:
Planned and executed a migration from a RAC 10.2 to RAC 11.1 over CentOS.
Planning for migration from Sen ERP to a corporate choosen ERP/SCM solution of JDE for fasion retail.
Various small projects:
Planned and executing a attendance monitoring solution (php/oracle + VB/oracle).
Improving all reporting procedures and defining preocedures and guidelines for ocasional requests.
Planning the migration from curent local Windows Domain to a corporate integrated Domain and Exchange.
Planning for implementation of Configurations Manager 2007.
Planing a VoIP solution to reduce communications between shops and HQ.
Drafting a plan for archiving and disaster recovery.
Staff management (2 subordinates):
Participated in annual appraisal for IT Staff.
Recomended training tracks based on individual assesed levels and company's needs.
Marian Radu - country Manager - direct boss
Net salary: 1500 RON

May 2007 - Oct 2008
1 year and 6 months
Senior System Administrator - GEALAN Romania
Bucharest | IT Hardware | -
Project Management:
Planned and executed a migration from a restraining SBS 2003 environment to a regular Windows2003 server
environment - full AD and Exchange migration.
Negotiated, planned and implemented 2 new business apps: a webstore + new website, and a CRM solution.
Various small projects:
- Blackberry Enterprise, greylisting, online video monitoring for all warehouses, LENEL, GPS monitoring.
Administration and Strategic Planning:
- Annual budget of the IT Department, in line with companys development strategy and cost policies.
- Established standards and policies for purchasing hardware and software.
- Maintain an up-to-date inventory of all the IT hardware and software.
- Report weekly status to the General Manager.
Managed the relation with service providers:
- Renegotiated comunication service plans and service level agreements, hardware support and service plans and,
performed monitoring on service level for all providers.
Technical Support:
Developed and implemented of AD security policies and established written guidelines for acces to IT resources.
Developed companys disaster recovery plan, wireless LAN and wireless VoIP (Nokia/Cisco based)
Implemented a centralised VoIP for all regional warehouses. Performed monthly internal systems audit.
Aurel Vlaicu - General Director - my direct boss
Paul Diacu - Production Director - coleague.

Car, medical insurance, mobile, laptop
Net salary: 1500 RON

May 2005 - May 2007
2 years and 1 month
ITManager - AECTRA
Bucharest | IT Hardware | -
Head of the Information Technology and Telecomunications Depatment.

Administrative Duties
Report weekly status to the General Manager.

Management of Staff
Manage and allocate an annual staffing budget
Select, supervise, train and evaluate staff, including Programmers, SysAdmin, DBA.
Coordinate staff training and development programs to improve staff retention and group effectiveness.

Project Management
Represent Aectra in computing committees and conferences related to computers.
Supervise the team (accountants, financial controller and programmers)
which develops and implements company's own ERP which in turn is integrated with another custom solution developed by Siveco.
Facilitate weekly meeting. Direct and guide the team in setting priorities and accomplishing goals.
Act as liaison to other departments.

Technical Support:
Oversee and prioritize maintenance of hardware and software and work with outside vendors for service and repairs.
Manage annual upgrades of hardware and software; evaluate and recommend hardware and software purchases and configurations.
Help diagnose network problems and provide solutions under pressure and time constraints.
Control access to IT facilities and program utilities to secure and safeguard hardware and software.
Help manage the Oracle databases of Siveco's Cofinor software solution.
Help manage company's WAN based on Active Directory (W2KSvr as Primary & Back-up Domain Controler, W2KSvr as Terminal Services Server with 7 country wide spread offices as clients, W2KSvr Oracle database server, W2kSvr Application server for all ERP's modules), Linux (router, firewall, proxy and mail servers with antispam and antivirus solutions, SNMP with graphing support) a hardware full meshed VPN between all 7 locations along with a VoIP solution for internal comunications (each location has a local PABX with at least 4 outside lines (Tel, Fax, PremiCell, VoIP) and over 80 computers(workstations and portables - Windows,Linux and MacOS users).

Administration and Strategic Planning
Establish standards and policies for purchasing and configuring new hardware and software.
Maintain an up-to-date inventory of all the IT equipment and software.
Perform budget analysis for midyear adjustments and plan yearly budgets based on new projects and staffing requirements.
Establish project schedules and budget estimates for meeting these schedules.
Develop strategic plans for IT Division's long-term development.

Renegotiated the voice and data services and obtained a significant decrease of monthly bills (about 35% overall).

Adrian Richiteanu - CFO
Mobile office (notebook & phone), company car, medical insurance, and performance related bonuses.
Net salary: 1500 EUR

Jan 2005 - Apr 2005
4 months
IT Manager - Forest Trading 93
- | IT Software | -
Main responsibilities:
I administer Oracle databases for the integrated software solution Wizcount (accounting, supply and merchandise, online invoicing software etc.). Also, I provide maintenance for the local area network with 5 servers (one Linux box: router, firewall and VPN server, one Linux box: mail and proxy server, one Win2k box: Oracle server, one Win2k box Citrix and Wizcount server and one Win2k box: intranet -php, apache, mysql and asp- and antivirus server) and 25 Windows XP workstations for which I also provide helpdesk for all installed office applications (MS and Open complete with VBA or StarBasic code support) and for the Wizcount client which is set up on 75% of the workstations. I, too, maintain 15 VPN connections with companys country wide dispersed sales
locations, and remote administering the VPN clients and local networks for each VPN client location. Im also responsible for the Internet connection (routing, firewalling, mail), and for the software and hardware acquisition policy.

Other responsibilities:
Occasionally I provide for top management, excel or html formatted (asp & oracle or php &mysql) analytic reports. It is also my responsibility to maintain and develop a user oriented intranet application which generates customizable html reports extracted from the stock or accounting Oracle database and which from January 2005 is used to implement a discount ticket campaign (keeps track of all the rewarded tickets and of the returned ones).
Sep 2003 - Dec 2004
1 year and 4 months
IT Manager - TNS-CSOP
Bucharest | Procurement | -
Main responsibilities:
I administered the TNS-CSOPs Consumer Panel MS-SQL database and the SPSS database for the SNA department and generated reports from those databases. I installed and provided helpdesk for all clients, users of the Consumer Panel data analysis software for which I was preparing Interbase databases form MS SQL. I also administered the csop.ro domain based on Win2k Server boxes (Active Directory, Exchange, one domain controller box and one back-up domain controller box) and almost 40 WinXP, Win2kWS, Win98 and NT4 workstations. The Internet connection was my responsibility too, based on 2 Linux boxes one router and firewall the other proxy and web server.

Other responsibilities:
Web design and maintenance for www.csop.ro (HTML, and js technology).
Determining and providing solutions for any kind of software or hardware
acquisition and also remedy for any kind of hardware malfunction.
Mar 2003 - Aug 2003
6 months
IT Support Specialist - TNS-CSOP
- | Graphics / Web design / DTP | Media / Internet
Main responsibilities:
Installing and helpdesk for InfoSYS TV, software used for planning and analyzing TV audience by clients (TV stations and Advertising agencies), and also daily maintaining and updating the databases for this software.

Other responsibilities:
Monthly updating the client dedicated extranet with average daily and monthly analysis for TV rating and monitoring and also monthly medium reports. Occasionally generating periodic (daily, weekly or monthly) reports for various clients. Determining and also providing remedy for any kind of hardware malfunction in the TV Media department.
Nov 2001 - Feb 2003
1 year and 4 months
Programmer & IT Administrator - Nic Sped
- | IT Software | -
Main responsibilities:
Analyzing, designing, programming, implementing and maintaining SHELL, a software application for the HandEra 330 handheld based on PalOS operating system. This application is used even today to record the raw information on the activity of Shell Romania supply trucks, information concerning the type of merchandise shipped, shipment details and the destination and parameters of the merchandise.

Other responsibilities:
Installing, and maintaining the local area network consisting of 5 workstations with Win98SE and Office XP and SuSe8.0 † StarOffice using a SAMBA server and 2 programming boxes with Win98 SE, Visual Basic 6.0 and Appforge.
Apr 2001 - Oct 2001
7 months
IT MAN Administrator - Terra Sat Comp.
- | IT Software | -
Main responsibilities:
Maintaining the local area network of TerraSat Craiova. Installing software based routers (FreeBSD, RedHat, Mandrake, SuSe, Slackware)
on site for each new client for Internet connections over leased RomTelecom telephonic lines or over 2.4 GHz radio links. Designing, setting up and maintaining the metropolitan roaming radio network
used for transparent Internet access of Terrasats clients using radio links.

Other responsibilities:
Helpdesk for all clients using Terasats Internet connections (dedicated radio, leased telephonic or CATV- and dial-up analogic or ISDN).
Sep 1999 - Mar 2001
1 year and 7 months
Service Engineer - HELCO
- | IT Software | -
Main responsibilities:
Determining and repairing of any kind of hardware problems to IT systems sold in Craiova and Oltenia region by UltraPro. Complete documenting of the defects determined and shipment of the parts that
where impossible to repair back to UltraPros central service.

Other responsibilities:
Assembly of custom tailored computers and installing operating systems (Linux or Windows) and drivers and all required software either provided by the client or bought together with the computer.


Mathemathics/ Bucuresti University/ 1995-1999

  Foreign languages

English - Advanced , French - Medium

  Other info

ITIL v3 Foundation - 2010 Certified.
ITIL v2 Service Manager - 2011 ongoing certification
Driving license
Category B
acquired on 1 Jul 2002

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