Vera Amarini

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Fashion has always helped define human condition, predicting what the public will need. This is what makes the business of fashion so fascinating. We are enthralled by the theatre of everyday life. With fashion now, we can select our roles. So fashion today depends on ideas, individuality and authenticity. What is exciting in this business, is being able to give clothes a soul. That’s why we consider we have a place in the industry, we have a role, we represent something for women. We never see one woman when we design, it’s always an universe of women. Strong passionate, seductive women, who are true to themselves and their visions. We try to find a new elegance. It’s not easy, because people want to be shocked, but shocking fashion don’t last. We are most interested in continuity and we work hard at not being today’s flavor. We realy try to stay open and take in the beauty that’s all around us. Fashion is art and it must remain a dream that materializes in beautiful clothes, free of any scheme…

                                                                 Vera Amarini


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