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Curriculum Vitae

informatii personale


F 13.08.1984

Permis conducere:  Cat.B, Data obtinerii:04.08.2007



Rapid development and varied opportunities to reveal skills on marketing, sales, administration, business training, human resources and law.

Salariu: 1.200,00 USD / luna

Beneficii: phone; car

Tip job: Full time

Departament: Juridic, Relatii publice, Marketing, Educatie / Training / Arte, Administrativ / Logistica, Functii publice, Turism / Hotel staff, Traduceri, Audit / Consultanta

Oras de lucru: Bucuresti

Nivel Cariera: Entry-Level (< 2 ani)

Disponibil: oricand

experienta profesionala


12.03.2007 - prezent

Departament: altele

Titlu Job: trainer


livrare programe de training pe business


training pe variate domenii la companii de prestigiu ca Lafarge, Dactrust, Carrefour, Dufa, Oracle, Grundfos, Nestle, GlaxoSmith&Kline, Tenaris, Intervet, Cargill, Sarantis, ING, InBev, Alumil, Exact Software, ISEDEFE Sistemas de Comunicaciones.




- Graduated the Faculty of Political Sciences, English Specialization, at the University of Bucharest
- Master Specialization on Management and Marketing in Logistic operations

Facultati in straiatate

The 3rd year of study effectuated abroad at the University of La Coruna, Faculty of Sociology (Spain) with an Erasmus study grant
- The first 2 years of study efectuated within the Faculty of Political Sciences, English Specialization, at the University of Bucharest
- High-School diploma in Social and Human Sciences (within the Theoretical Institute Octav Onicescu- Bucharest, Rumania).

Activitati extracurriculare

- Fluent in Gallego to an intermediary level
- Catalan- low to intermediary level of knowledge
- Rumanian- native language.

- she manages to bring a continuous improvement, design and customization of new business products asked by clients and conforming to the company needs
- Recruiting skills of personnel
- Group management; good time management
- Participation in sales meetings to present the company products and services
- Benefits of good IT skills (Word, Excell, PowerPoint, net exploring, En-time, Auralog, Abraxas)
- She is a team organizing spirit, enjoys working in team and is highly self-motivated
- Reveals a creative, dynamic, analytical and resourceful personality
- Excellent communication skills and flexibility
- Creativity and resourceful abilities
- Attended marketing studies and completed a simulation on professional business services (on accountancy)
- Attained constitutional law (like decentralization and the rule of law) and economics specialized studies
- A 4-years time class module attended in pedagogy (psychology, methodology, class management, didactics).
- Openness to continuous improvement and innovation
- Teamwork ability
- She shows interest in the market trends and the rules of procedure.
- In the leisure time enjoys the gym and the good music, also enjoys learning new things, as a main feature loves action and spending the time in a continuous knowledge improvement way.


- Currently hired on the position of trainer on business for the top-management of the big companies on Spanish, English and Romanian for expats at Interact business Communications department (since March 2007), as accounts can be mentioned companies like Lafarge, Carrefour, Dufa, Oracle, Grundfos, Nestle, Dactrust, GlaxoSmith&Kline, Tenaris, Intervet, Cargill, Sarantis, ING, InBev, Alumil, Exact Software, ISEDEFE Sistemas de Comunicaciones.
- Accomplished a training course on Six Thinking Hats in January 2008
- Accomplished a training course on Personal Effectiveness in January 2008
- Facilitation and coaching skills for L&D professionals- December 2007
- Consumer Marketing Today participation- October 2007
- Performed a training on Competition and marketing skills in September 2007
- Accomplished a training course on E-mail intelligence- august 2007
- Practiced a training course in Auralog program Tell Me More August-September 2007on English and Spanish
- Attended Tell Me More Training, May 2007
- Participated in recruitments for a Spanish employer in Constructions for the Spanish Labor market
- Accomplished a training course on Writing Dynamics, March 2007
-Fruitfully participated in a first model of conferences on M.U.N. (model of United Nations) representing States like Paraguay (in Bucharest- in April 2007) and Argentina (in Santiago de Compostela- in March 2006).
- Attended Professional Services Today of Business Today, April 2006.
- Accomplished the training of trainers (T.O.T.), February 2006.
- Attained a practice course within the Deputies Chamber of Romania to observe and analyze closely the legislative process and the work within commissions of specialty and parliamentary groups.
- Accomplished a 3-month collaboration as manager assistant in a Bureau of Translations (near Golden Tulip Hotel) (September-November 2006)
- Accomplished a 3-month collaboration with an American marketing company on sales of top-shop Linea Directa Business Communications (within Sema Park- within Studio Moderna location), (December-March 2006)
- December 2006- attended training on political decision within CSL
- October 2005- june 2006 period- Faculty practices within Galicia’s parliament and government (autonomous Community of Galicia) in Santiago de Compostela
- April-June 2006- joined hostess sessions hold by Zara, Pull and Bear (Spain)
- November 2004- March 2006- Trainer on English for Spanish students, in this way gathered one year and a half experience by working within an Academia de Idiomas Espanolas. She benefited of a two-year experience in training on foreign languages working with different aged groups and a four-year experience on technical studies and on business.
- PACE Atestado del Idioma
- February- June 2004- worked as Trainer on English and Romanian for an Italian student.
- Democratic Party membership- since 2003
- Participated as a volunteer in the NGO Youngs for Youngers (Tineri pentru Tineri) - in September 2000- March 2001.
- Participated as a volunteer in the NGO Volunteer Aids (Sanitarii priceputi) - in February- March 1999.



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