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Curriculum Vitae

informatii personale


M 31.03.1992

Permis conducere:  Cat.B, Data obtinerii:15.11.2010

Stagiu militar: da



My name is Runcan Paul Bogdan, I am from Cluj-Napoca, I have 28 years old I was a student at UBB Fsega Informatic-Economics. I have experience of 4 years of programming. I started as an intern and now I am a team leader for a small team. I worked on all the apps we have because I wanted to know all the processes. You can`t improve or fix an app if you don`t understand all processes and you don`t see that project as a whole. I like to learn new things and accumulate new knowledge every day. Nothing is impossible you just need to find a way to do it, if it doesn't exist you need to invent one! My goal is to make fast and innovative apps and to achieve this I will give 100%.

Salariu: nespecificat

Tip job: Full time

Departament: IT Software

Oras de lucru: Cluj-Napoca

Nivel Cariera: Mid-Level (2-5 ani)

Disponibil: oricand

experienta profesionala


01.09.2020 - prezent

Departament: it software

Titlu Job: programator


Hera is a Romanian company that has an economic ERP for public institutions.
At Hera, my job is to design and implement a lease contracts app with billing, invoicing, and objectives management (like rooms if you are a college campus, or parking spot if the client is a city ​​hall).
For the backend I used .net core, the project was started in 3.1 and after release, I upgrade it to 5. For the database we chose mssql (with ef), the database was stored in azure. The UI is in reactJs with material UI.

01.01.2019 - 31.08.2020

Departament: it software

Titlu Job: programator


I am a team leader for a team of four programmers and one designer.
My responsibilities here were to design the database and develop all the functionalities from the backend. And a little bit on front-end.
In the past one and half years, I learn to be more organized and to work better as a team.
As technologies, I added to my knowledge, .net core, entity framework core, xamarin forms, MariaDB, MongoDB, react, react-native.
The main project is an online shop and fulfillment platform built from scratch.
The website is built with react tied to a web API (.net), for database I used mssql, and the database is consumed with entity framework. I designed the database first and imported the model at that time I was more familiar with the database first instead of code first.
We made it from scratch because all the logic and functionalities were custom. For example, the product has multiple sizes, every size has an element, in this case, is a bouquet, every element has a set of subcomponents, also the size can have static components like box and foliage, this is a custom element for that size. Elements can be shared between sizes. If a subcomponent is not available you have a replacement for that subcomponent with another defined as a substitute.
The project includes the production module, the stock module, online shop(gift shop logic with subscriptions), CMS module, Blog, and Dispatch Module. The production module has a xamarin forms application for matrics purposes. Each employee has a phone with the app installed, they start the shift from the app, from the platform you can create a task for them. They can have tasks assigned for them(every employee has a type like a florist, wrapper), or they can take a task from the pool of tasks. All the activities are monitored, task, breaks the productivity of that user.
The stock module has implementations with vendors from holland. Dispatch module has a console app which generates the gift card with messages and labels (implementation with yodel)for dispatch, the files are generated with itextsharp.
The project includes a lot of reports based on, orders, stocks, waste, and production. The project is built and designed in the same manner so the client can apply for BOPP(this is accreditation so you can sell in stores like Tesco, with tracking from the grower to end client, each step can be monitored).

The second project is a mobile app built with react native with a web API in .net core and a mogo database. The application is called DigitalAct and his purpose is to digitalize contracts in real estate. For ocr, I used Google Vision(the part when you scan ids). Contracts as generated as pdf. The project also includes a UI for agents and a Website.

The third project is a CMS core with e-commerce, simplified from NovaBlooms for, common clients wich wants a simple online shop or a simple website or a blog. This is the most recent project. For this, I used .net core for the API and MariaDB for the database. The database was built with code first. I chose this model because this is designed for a lot of small clients. The architecture for Core is microservices and I build it on modules(if you want a presentation website you can have that you don't have to pay for online shop).

01.06.2016 - 31.12.2018

Departament: it software

Titlu Job: programator


At Soft Design I am responsible for developing a large range of applications. Being a small company I need to do all parts of the work back-end and front-end, I am in charge of a team of 4 developers.
My responsibilities are to design and develop new apps and main existing apps. We have 2 clients 1 is from US and one is local.
We are building apps in .net framework, as database we use MSSQL for this 2 project we have another project about 1 year ago and for that app we used MySql.
For the US client, we have 5 websites and 15 programs to import, calculate measures, and generate reports on various data gathered from various sources like FCMSA, SAFERSYS.To gather data we created web scrappers. I user chromiumwebBrowser/cefsharp for this, the programs are going to an URL(it is needed to be logged the program perform login and after that navigate to URL ) download the info (HTML content, files, pdf, excel, XML,JSON) , processes the data and import it in a database(bulk insert).
From websites we display stored data an from there you can manipulate data or export in various formats(pdf, excel). Four of the websites are Mvc(razor views) and one is WebForms(aspx), database consume is with entity framework for MVC websites, and for web-form is with SqlHelper library.
For front-end i used twitter bootstrap library, with DatableJs for data tables, chartJs for charts. The websites are responsive to all devices. Also, I used javascript and jquery to manipulate data like ajax calls or to render elements on page. For files generation, I used itextSharp, pdfSharp,closedXml, o2solutinPdf and for compression I used ionic. For pdf charts, I used .webhelpers class.
The websites are (,,,, =>(asxp)).
The other client is focused on company data. They sell all the information about companies, taxes, profit, associates, all the financial and legal data. Here I developed a series of parsers and importers which are import and update data in our database and send notifications (console apps, windows forms, windows services).
This client has 2 websites,( is for monitoring changes on companies (client enter a list of companies and after each update, if something is changed the receive an email with the old values and new changed values of different fields) and the other one is for quick search companies and get a report about them( The websites are built in ASPX(windows forms). The second website will receive a new update and will be migrated to react, for this I created a Web API 2 with Oauth2 authentication, entity framework for DB connection and data process, mobilPay, Credit card pay, email and mobile SMS notifications. For design patterns, I use the unity of work(for entity framework).
Here we have another service (WCF) for some special clients, through this service they can access some sensitive data (liabilities and payment incidents). This service is connected with the database through the Microsoft enterprise library.

01.07.2014 - 31.05.2016

Departament: telecomunicatii

Titlu Job: operator retele

01.07.2012 - 01.07.2014

Departament: constructii / instalatii

Titlu Job: montator




2014 - prezent Facultate: informatica economica id la ubb fsega cluj din Cluj.
2010 - 2012 Liceu / Școală profesională: tehnician electrotehnist la Colegiu tehnic de telecomunicati din Cluj-Napoca.

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