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Curriculum Vitae

informatii personale


F 31.01.1972

Permis conducere:  Cat.B, Data obtinerii:01.03.1997



motivate, inspire and bring out the best in yourself and everyone around you lead to lead

Salariu: nespecificat

Tip job: Part time, Full time, Proiect / Sezonier

Departament: Medicina umana, Management

Oras de lucru: Constanta, STRAINATATE, Tarnaveni

Nivel Cariera: Manager / Executiv

Disponibil: oricand

experienta profesionala


01.08.2016 - prezent

Departament: management

Titlu Job: manager, product developer

01.08.2005 - 30.06.2007

Departament: administrativ / logistica

Titlu Job: advisor - medical consultant (part time collaboration)


Consulting services for phytoterapeutic pharmacy (apoteca);
- advising for medication cathegories, doses, prescriptions
- advisor in connection with suppliers regarding contracts and negotiations
- activity efficiency for sales – act as a link between pharmacy and cabinets in various specialities in order to present and advise the cabinets for substitute solutions for medication
- analyse and optimisation to ensure the best balance between :
o stocks and client demands – having the goal to minimise stocks,
o products quality related to best heath results and client satisfaction,
o occurance of deseases correlated with stocks prediction,
o establish seling price correlated with medication efficiency & client satisfaction

01.05.2004 - 31.12.2011

Departament: administrativ / logistica

Titlu Job: owner


- supervise medical activities in my own private micro-clinic for Dentistry
- preparing activity efficiency plans
- marketing analyze and development plans
- advertising strategies
- suppliers selection of medical dentistry goods and dentistry equipments maintenance based on competitiveness and optimum quality/price ratio of supplied products,
- develop strategies to increase the services with higher ratio of profit / cost-expenses.

01.05.2001 - prezent

Departament: medicina umana

Titlu Job: owner


- supervising, medical recommendations, examinations, treatments and prescribes for 1000 patients - own medical clients;
- periodical medical examination;
- pregnancy examination;
- new-born examination and nutrition counseling;
- planning vaccination;
- child examination;
- examination for adults and olds, treatments and prescriptions;
- treat superficial wounds (injuries).
- yearly budget analyze with regards to income and expenses in order to achieve activities efficiency
- planning activities in order to have fluency in medical services

01.03.2000 - 30.06.2005

Departament: medicina umana

Titlu Job: medic sef


The military Infirmary had 3 doctors, 3 nurses, 1 pharmacist, 1stomatology doctor and 1 dental technician;
- supervising logistics and supplying activities for Infirmary, Pharmacy and Stomatology cabinet:
o supervising supplying activity, regarding medicines and sanitary materials,
o authorizing suppliers contracts based on offers received (criteria selection: products quality, costs, delivery and availability/stocks)
- medical statistics regarding occurance of diseases types and ensure medicines availability for treatments
- supervising authorizations renewal in order to mantain operational status
- coordinate and planing medical activity in accordance with Health authority rules and regulations;
- supervise soldier alimentation with healthy food and supervise daily caloric intake;
- planning and supervising periodical medical examination for soldiers;
- disease prevention based on yearly statistics,
- supervise Infirmary, stomatology and pharmaceutical activities with regards to general costs, budget estimation for the coming year ;
- in cooperation with base headquarter, participate to yearly budget estimations regarding medical activity
- analyze and approve budget balancing from year to year, between activities which requires different level of financial resources
- planning and supervise vaccine administration;
- ensure a proper environment for soldiers activities with regards to Health and Safety

01.06.1999 - 31.08.1999

Departament: medicina umana

Titlu Job: medic stagiar


- examination of the patients; prescribe treatments; consulting and counseling the patients about treatment administration; administrate intramuscular and intravenous treatments ; prescribe paraclinic investigations ; supervising nurses.

01.03.1999 - 31.05.1999

Departament: medicina umana

Titlu Job: medic stagiar chirurgie generala


Surgery (Mar.1999 – May.1999; Sept.1999 – Feb.2000)
- examination of the patients; examination and observe surgical wounds; help surgeon in surgical acts; recommending home procedure for patients;

01.01.1999 - 31.03.1999

Departament: medicina umana

Titlu Job: medic stagiar medicina interna


- examination of the patients; prescribe treatments; consulting and counseling the patients about treatment administration; administrate intramuscular and intravenous treatments ; prescribe paraclinic investigations ; supervising nurses.




2012 - 2013 Masterat: Ingineria si Managementul Sistemelor de Productie la Universitatea Ovidius, Facultatea de Inginerie din Constanta. Faculty of Industrial Mechanical Engineering and Maritime
Master program in Engineering and Management of Production Systems (2012 – 2014)
In order to provide better overview of disciplines followed during master program, a brief description of relevant studies/course shall be provided on the next page:

 Advanced methods of product development and design
Integration of marketing, design and fabrication processes using specific techniques for development of new products. The subject is referring to: identify and refine customer needs, methods to identify successful concept and product architecture, cost estimations for development and production for all resources, global economical analysis for entire development and lifetime cycle of product.

 Production planning
Planning methods. Use of “Primavera” software, to develop planning scenarios for projects, in connection with production activities. Planning: activities, projects budget, material resources, human resources. Analyze and optimization of activities, analyze project development regarding external factors influences, reports.

 Engineering and management of integrated systems
Companies structure and organization. Types of customized production systems. Methods and analyses to implement production processes. Optimization of technological processes. Norms of time and costs applied in production flows. Operational structures of production flows and optimization.

 Industrial Psychology
Organizational cultures in companies. Personality features associated with professional efficiency. Leadership, management styles, and associated psychology. Human behaviors and interaction. Work analyses. Motivational theories for work. Methods for employees motivation. Stress in work environment.

 Industrial Legislation
Concepts of civil and commercial legislation. Types of civil contracts and related laws. Types of commercial contracts and related laws. Working environment legislation. Payment legislation. Juridical liability.

 Methods of simulation and modeling of production systems
Modeling methods and algorithms for deployment of production systems. Simulation algorithms. Analyses of production subsystems and internal interaction between departments (supplying, sales, planning, maintenance, manpower, etc.). Analyses of production perturbing factors and methods for prevention. Analyses and simulation of stocks processes.

 Engineering and management of value
Analyze and establish product functions reflected into costs. Dimensioning of functions importance. Evaluate customers requirements and balancing product functions and costs. Global economical dimensioning of product functions. Redesign of product. Economical analyze of redesigned product and final decisions according to customer needs and project budget.

 Quantity methods in production management
Management of production, planning and follow up. Evaluation and estimation of production capacities. Production standardization, diversity and simplification. Management of maintenance for production equipments and tools. Fabrication management and quality improvement. Human factor in production management.

 Systems of management in quality, health, environment and occupational safety
Work environment analyses with regards to working conditions, risk assessment, identification and evaluation of hazardous situations/products, ergonomics in work environment, external factors with impact to health and safety.
1992 - 1998 Facultate: Facultatea de Medicina Generala la Universitatea Ovidius din Constanta. Graduation project thesis - “Interrelation between drinking water quality and digestive (intestinal) parasitosis”
1990 - 1993 Colegiu / Studii postliceale: Scoala Postliceala Sanitara Asistent Medical Generalist la Scoala Postliceala Sanitara Constanta din Constanta. Graduation project has the following subject - “Nursing in gastro – duodenal ulcer”
1986 - 1990 Liceu / Școală profesională: matematica-fizica la Liceul Teoretic "Mircea cel Batrin" din Constanta.


Sep 2016 - Nov 2016: Speaker Elite
How to became a good speaker
Apr 2012 - Apr 2012: Management of Human Resources
Management of human resources - How to build a performance team - provided by Denmark company group TMI Training and Consulting Romania – approaching subjects of leadership and managing styles, actions, stimulating innovating ideas, building a team in a company
Oct 2010 - Oct 2010: Attitude & Interpersonal Relationship
Attitude & Interpersonal Relationships Program - provided by Denmark company group TMI Training and Consulting Romania
Jun 2010 - Jun 2010: Emotional Intelligence
Emotional Intelligence Program - provided by Denmark company group TMI Training and Consulting Romania
Jun 2016 - Mar 2017: Connect Elite
Aug 2010 - Aug 2010: Entrepreneurial Culture Disemination
Entrepreneurial culture dissemination and development of partnerships in South East Europe regions – provided by Ministry of Labour, Family and Social Security
Oct 2006 - Mar 2017: Member of Romanian Business Club
Become member of Romanian Business Club – founded by Transilvania Bank and participation at leading trainings as follows:
• Employees motivation
• Financial management
• Strategies of management
• Sales – the importance of understanding the customer needs
• Run the business during financial crises
Jan 2016 - Mar 2017: NOKUT certification
NOKUT certification

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